Listen to the music of the skies! An Album dedicated to Videogame action music which captures heroic scenes of valor and honor.

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Travel into Space and Beyond. Connect to the Universe through dreams.

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Producing a Musical Piece


Coming up with an idea, Writing, Playing, Recording. Designing the proper Sound, Creating all Elements then Layering and Arranging.


Gain-staging, Spreading the sounds apart in the Stereo Field and Taming elements so that our Composition turns into a clean final Mix.


Further Sharpening of sounds, Cleaning up the Mix, Adding Clarity and Soundstage, to provide a legible professional Master. Which is then ready to Use or Publish.


The Dream

Nikita Yeroshov
Founder - CEO

Philosophy of Music

Music is a medium of communication thought to be as equal to raising your senses for the scenes in pictures. It must be used sparingly and melodically to invoke emotion and control what out mind sees.

Mission to Compose

Continue the legacy of our those who mastered the craft before us and improve, modernize, future-proof the compositions we create, in Quality, for generations that love to listen, may have incredible emotional experiences.

...a short history and Creative Statement

...I was inspired by Film, Animation, and Music... whether it was Traditional or Computer Generated. Studied at the Miami International University of Art and Design (Ai - Art Institute) where I met and worked with people from the Media industries who pointed me in many amazing directions. Over the years I have built up a large skill-set in:- Computer Graphics (Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, Animating)- Film (Filming, Editing, Compositing)- Audio (Sound Design, Composing Original Music)...My goal - A sort-of Mission Statement is to inspire, like I was once inspired. To open up my listeners and viewers mind and soul to the possibilities in the world around us. To heal by show of sympathy and encouragement to live on. To empower people to try new things in life and not be afraid to fail.

Quote: "Life is short, but we can prolong it by learning all the time." by Nikita Yeroshov

P.S. - Dear friends and new visitors, I would like to introduce you to my Music, Graphics Design, CGI Renders, and different other Art related and Education related materials as they get completed and added into new sections expanding this site. This website is a more modern home to the Original Studio Nik - Video and Sound Works Portfolio Pages.

Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.


Music Styles

Cinema Action


Retro Synthwave

Melodic Trance

Custom Personal


Latest News

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Let's Connect...

For collaborations, or requests for music, please feel fee to send me a message describing what you are looking for, your music flavors, and what you would like for me to help you with.

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