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The Beginning...

...Diagnosed with Cancer on August 3rd in the Year 2007.

I've had to fight for my life from the very beginning. My mind firmly set on Completing University, I was hospitalized time after time unable to go to classes, months at a time. I thought, I wasn't going to make it, even at that first moment. The fact that I absolutely had to get back into school to complete my degree, kept my will up at that time. Oncologists were treating me with "by the book" procedures and generalized chemotherapy. That was one of my first and worst experiences in being treated as a new Cancer patient. The symptoms were unbearable... Extreme Nausea and Vomiting All the Time, Feeling of claustrophobia so sensitive that it felt like I wanted to rip apart my rib-cage and my skin of to get out of my body. The Physical and Emotional state of Hopelessness and Helplessness. Those were only a few I will mention.

While on the Hospital "road trip" (to squeeze at least a little comedy out of the situation), things needed to be done at school and all my classes that I was attending were cut, because I couldn't attend. ...more to follow.

News of this slowly sunk into the minds of my Closest Relatives and with a breeze of wind, I had realized that I lost them all. I dove deep, to understand why things are the way they are. This would take me further along the extremely unforgiving road of life, to discover, and settle down to understand what just happened to me ...much later. ...more to follow.

Nikita Yeroshov - August 21, 2018


Nikita Yeroshov - September 9, 2018

As far as school goes, I can say, that I've met great people, smart human-beings along the way. You all Saved me a number of times when I was very close to the "other side". No one really knows, just how many times by now....but, it was quite a scary few!

Below are some more of my dearest pictures...

(Funny Fact - I never took very many pictures of myself around that time.)


Nikita Yeroshov - September 25, 2018

With a Diagnosis of "Stage 4" - "Greyzone Lymphoma" ...I nearly passed away last Year in November of 2017. I was so exhausted of treatment, my body couldn't handle anymore Chemotherapy so I was being sent to Hospice to live out my remaining few months to live. Before I would have died shortly later.

The fact that I survived that is a miracle in itself.

This is my last push and my last opportunity to speak and give back and do at least something withing my power to reach at least this single Goal in my life!

Please my fellow human beings, any and every one I've ever met along the way, think of me at this moment, I'm dying slowly. If God forbid they don't have another treatment ready by the time this one runs out of cycles.... That Is a Sure "It's over for me.


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